No more chats left not responded by Bang Jukri

Bang Jukri by Snack Unik


Answer all questions asked by customers via LINE


Use chatbot to automatically reply all chats and also to check shipping rates and track order


Get almost 100% of sales coming from LINE

Increase the productivity of your business activities in your LINE Official Account by using Chatbot! One business account that has used the Chatbot feature is Snack Unik, with 'Bang Jukri' as the bot that can help customers to find out about shipping rates, track order, and reply to other messages. The presence of 'Bang Jukri' makes the entire customer service more responsive to 30%. Since its presence in July 2017, Snack Unik has optimized the LINE Official Account  function and has been able to reply to messages automatically. Now, almost 100% of Snack Unik’s sales come from the LINE channel.