Digital Promotion for Local Gelato a la Let’s Go Gelato

Let's Go Gelato


Provide the latest information for its customers and attract more customers by giving promotions


Use LINE Official Account features and Instagram for online marketing strategies


Be able to share and spread the promotion coupons through LINE Official Account features

Starting from having a hobby of cooking, April, the owner of Let’s Go Gelato saw an opportunity to bring gelato in the midst of a creative community in Bandung, or we know as Kota Kembang. April saw that this culinary business has a longer and more durable opportunity to run. In mid-2016, she officially opened Let’s Go Gelato which presents a variety of healthy gelato at affordable prices. Now, there are 11 outlets of Let’s Go Gelato that are spread in Bandung and other big cities such as Jakarta, Bogor, Tasikmalaya, Medan and Palembang.

Presenting a variety of flavors, this Italian dessert has unique flavors such as choco cheesecake, skinny black yogurt, unicorn, banana salted caramel, and so on. Hmm, what can be better than eating gelato when it’s hot outside!

At the end of 2016, Let's Go Gelato began to develop its marketing strategy by entering the online. One of the strategies is to use LINE Official Account with @letsgogelato as the ID. Let’s Go Gelato is trying to make the most of the LINEOfficial Account features to provide maximum information services for its customers.

Besides 1:1 Chat as the most basic feature used, Let’s Go Gelato maximizes the use of Rich Message, Reward Cards and Vouchers. Rich Message makes it easy for customers to access the inserted link to go directly to a web page or timeline posts. This feature is attractively packaged, with a colorful message design. Reward Cards and Vouchers are used for promos, that are distributed through broadcast messages.

Vouchers given are varied. There are vouchers worth Rp50,000, Extra 1 Scoop Special Gift vouchers, Free Topping and Free Flavor on Indonesian Independence Day vouchers. The information integration platform used by Let’s Go Gelato other than LINE Official Account is Instagram, and it helps Let’s Go Gelato to raise its brand awareness. Until now, April and a special marketing team in charge of the Let’s Go Gelato’s LINE Official Account, continue to develop various exciting digital strategies to grow the business

Visit Let's Go Gelato on website or Instagram.