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  • Book a treatment in a barbershop is easier using Chatbot. No more wasting time!

Book a treatment in a barbershop is easier using Chatbot. No more wasting time!

Manhattan Coffee & Cuts


Get a lot of chats from customers made the admin team overwhelmed


Use Chatbot to reply the chats automatically


Get a significant change in terms of saving time and effort on replying chats

Manhattan Coffee & Cuts is one of the choices for the metropolitan man in presenting his identity through the latest haircut. As a One Stop Shop for lifestyle services, Manhattan Coffee & Cuts can provide you a fresh-look, that can be obtained not only from the new hair but also the caffeine fix from the coffee shop inside the barbershop - two things that are currently hyped in millennials. To support its business, Manhattan Coffee & Cuts keeps up by improving its services using Chatbot. Chatbot was chosen because it makes it easier for Manhattan Coffee & Cuts to receive haircut service orders from customers. When a customer makes a request, Chatbot will answer it immediately, so that the response received will be faster than waiting for an admin to reply it one by one. Previously, the large number of chats received by Manhattan Coffee & Cuts made its admin team overwhelmed. But since using Chatbot in September 2018, significant changes were felt in terms of saving time and effort. Other than receiving orders, customers can give critics and suggestions through the room chat. Other channel that is used by Manhattan Coffee & Cuts to promote its services is Instagram, with @manhattanjkt as the username. In the bio, Manhattan Coffee & Cuts includes the information that it’s now available on LINE by inputting a link that makes it easier for customers to add the account just by clicking it.