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Digital Media Strategy: How MaxOne Hotel Makassar attracts the youths!

MaxOne Makassar


Want to spread the latest information to attract more people to come


Use the Rich Message feature, Automatic Opening Message and also Timeline Post


Attract the young people

MaxOne Hotel Makassar, one of the famous hotel franchise in Indonesia, is different from the other three-star hotels. Other than having a sea theme with a touch of blue and green in the lobby and the other aspects, MaxOne Hotel Makassar is also located in a strategic area in the middle of Makassar City, that makes MaxOne Hotel Makassar to be the choice for affordable and unique accommodation, both for business trips or holiday with family or friends. There are more than 100 rooms available and also enjoyable facilities such as swimming pools, SPA rooms, jogging tracks, and others that can be used during your stay.


MaxOne Hotel Makassar uses various marketing channels to spread the latest information and interesting promotions. One marketing channel that is actively used is digital marketing. The distribution of digital information is chosen to attract a wider target market, especially young people. One strategy is to use LINE Official Account, which has been used since March 2016. The Rich Message feature helps MaxOne Hotel Makassar to spread meal coupon promos at MaxBistro, a restaurant managed by the hotel management itself. For every new follower of the LINE Official Account MaxOne Hotel Makassar account gets a Rp50.000,- discount for staying in the hotel, which is given via Automatic Opening Message when they first adding it as a friend. Not only that, the Timeline Post is also often used to notify other promos and collaborative events with MaxOne Hotel Makassar.