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Announcement 31.07.2019

LINE@ Merges with LINE Official Account, Enhancing More Features and ‘Pay per Broadcast’ Scheme

What’s New in LINE Official Account?

1. New Web OA Manager and Mobile Application with Enhanced Features and Better User Interface

LINE Official Account also contains the same popular features of LINE@, such as Broadcast Message, Rich Content, Coupon, and Reward Cards. Moreover, it includes a preview feature to see the contents before sending them to the followers. You can operate those features on the new Official Account Web Manager or Mobile Application.

2. New 1:1 Chat Look, Easier to Categorize Customers

1:1 Chat look will be more user friendly, and you can categorize the chats based on the conversation status (Follow-up/Resolved), which will help you answer all inquiries more conveniently. You will also be able to add a tag to track customers which will help you search for customer’s contact. Tag can be added manually according to the desired word (example: VIP, booking, transfer, etc.). Moreover, you can keep the chat history longer and the data can be backed up and downloaded in CSV file.

3. Rich Content is Available for All Type of Package

Increasing your Broadcast Message efficiency by using Rich Message and Rich Video for free. Rich Menu is also available if you would like to display it on your Official Account’s chat room.

4. Pay as You Use, Based on Your Needs with ‘Pay per Broadcast’ Payment Scheme

Pay according to the number of broadcast message you want to send (Pay per Broadcast). You are entitled to 500 free push message per month. If you need to send more than that, you will need to subscribe monthly plan based on your usage.

Official Account Monthly Plan

How to Calculate Push Message

5. Better Information on Statistic/Insight Dashboard

Adjusting the presentation of all statistics, such as number of followers, number of broadcast message, number of chat, timeline post results, etc. The data served could be downloaded in CSV file for easier analysis.

The old LINE@ account can still be used until January 14th 2020. However, you will be able to move/migrate to new system starting August 5th 2019. There will be a button ‘Start Using New Platform’ on LINE@ Manager and LINE@ Application, which will migrate your account to the new system as Official Account. Please make sure that you have fully understood the terms and condition of the new Official Account before doing the migration. Accounts that have been upgraded to Official Account cannot be reverted back to LINE@.


For new users who create account from April 18th 2019 onwards, the new system can be used immediately since the account is already Official Account.

When moving/migrating to the new system, you cannot revert back to the original system. However, the followers and Premium ID will remain the same and will be migrated to the new system. You will only need to choose new Monthly Plan based on your broadcast message needs (optional).

QR Codes that are generated by LINE@ system will be valid until March 2020. After that, QR Code needs to be re-generated from Official Account system. Please kindly generate the new QR Code after the migration.