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Announcement 04.11.2019

What’s New in LINE Official Account?

You need to see what’s new in LINE Official Account before upgrading your LINE@ account.

LINE Official Account has the same features as LINE@, such as Broadcast Message, Coupon and Reward Cards. There will be new features that you can use for free.

1. Rich Content Feature : Rich Message and Rich Video

You can send URL-embedded image or video as broadcast message, so that your followers could click those message and linked to your designated URL. On the LINE@ platform, you can use this feature if you have already purchased a Pro Plan package that is paid IDR 100,000 / month. Now in Official Account, this feature is available for free.

2. Rich Menu Feature

Rich Menu will appear in the bottom side of the chatroom when the user opens your account. You can use this feature to provide basic information about products or ongoing promotions. This feature was previously available only for Official Account (Premium Account). But now in new Official Account, this feature is available for free.

3. Card-based Message Feature

Card-based message allows you to present content over multiple cards in carousel format, packed into a single chat bubble. Users can swipe left and right to see your content at their own pace.

4. Profile Page (New Look)

Profile page has a new look that enhances the appearance of your account profile. You can use this to attract users to add your Official Account.

You can input the basic informations of your business, such as website, phone number, opening hours, price information and your business address. The latest pictures or videos will also appear on Recent Media. Also, you can input your menu or product catalogs, and payment method.

5. Targeting Broadcast Message

This feature allows you to send broadcast message to your target recipients based on their age, gender, region, OS and friendship period.

6. Insight Analytics

The insight analytics of the Official Account will be served with new look and enhancements. There are new data available, such as click and read/open counts of broadcast message. You can also see the performance of your Official Account as insights to enhance your future contents.

7. "Pay per Broadcast" Payment Scheme

There are 3 monthly package options that you can choose, based on your broadcast message needs towards your account's Target Reach. Target Reach is the number of users who have not blocked your account and are still actively using LINE. You can send broadcast messages to all of the Target Reaches that you have, or can be targeted by gender, age and location.

New LINE Official Account Features