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LINE Biz-Solutions

LINE uses LINE Biz-Solutions to establish a solid
full funnel marketing foundation that can provide
solutions for the myriad challenges facing a business.

About LINE Biz-Solutions

LINE Biz-Solutions offers solutions based on three key services:
LINE Account Connect, LINE Ads Platform, and LINE Sales Promotion.

About LINE Biz-Solutions

The LINE Biz-Solutions Approach

All three LINE services can be used to effectively bolster customer management efforts, from boosting
purchase intent to increasing brand recognition and awareness.

Expand Your Reach


Generate Opportunities


Engage Users


User-Centric Advantages

Advantage 1

LINE Is Used Daily

LINE users tend to open the app whenever they are "between moments" too—be it on their lunch break or during their commute to work or school. With so many people accessing Timeline and Wallet each day, LINE offers businesses multiple contact points to reach existing and potential customers.

LINE Is Used Daily
Advantage 2

LINE Is Convenient

LINE users can receive coupons and tickets through LINE to use at various stores and other locations. Since LINE is always accessible to them, it serves as an online bridge between businesses and users no matter where they are.

LINE Is Convenient
Advantage 3

LINE Connects Users

Following the purchase of a product or service, customers can receive useful promotional and other info customized to their unique preferences, including product and service recommendations based on their purchase history.

LINE Connects Users
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