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Updated: 04/22/2019

Configuring the Latest Content Plug-In

  1. Configure the latest content plug-in.
    Add the latest content plug-in to the menu, and then click "Latest content."




  2. A page appears for you to configure the latest content plug-in.

    Check the preview, and then click "Save."

    * The preview does not display timeline images.




    Upload a photo or video.
    The app displays the latest nine contents.
    Up to 200 images, along with 30 images posted to the timeline, can be loaded.


    File formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG
    File size: Up to 10 MB
    Recommended image size: 200 px X 200 px



    Set a message that will be displayed to users when the image is clicked.



    Deletes the content.



    Deletes any information you entered.



    Saves the information you entered.


Layout of the Latest Content Plug-In



* The app displays images uploaded to the latest content plug-in and images posted to the timeline from newest to oldest. (Timeline posts containing only texts are not displayed.)
* When a timeline post has multiple images, only one main image is displayed.