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Updated: 04/24/2019

Account Page Settings

This is the edit screen of the account page.

The preview section shows how the page would look. You can set buttons to appear on the home page and also add plug-ins.


* We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to edit the account page.




Displays the plug-in menu.



Add plug-ins to the menu.



Opens a page where you can register basic information to be displayed in the profile.



Shows the preview. Click "Reflect" to check the changes you made in the preview. This preview is for reference only. Depending on the device and OS, it may differ from what is actually displayed.



Displays the profile. To edit the profile, go to the account settings page.



Displays the basic information.



Select buttons to appear in the profile.
You can select up to three buttons including the required button "Chat."



Click this to publish the account page.
After you configure and save plug-ins, click this to save and publish your changes.



Deletes all information you entered.



Saves information you entered.


Selecting Buttons

  1. Select buttons. Users can navigate to appropriate menus by tapping these buttons.
    In the account page settings, click "Profile."


    You can select from six buttons.

    The "Talk" button is replaced with "Add friend" when the user is not yet a friend, or with "Unblock" when the user is blocked.

  2. Check the buttons you want to display in the profile.

    You can select up to three buttons.


    * You can select a button for which a coupon or other item has not yet been created. If a user taps such button, the message appears indicating that there is no available item.

  3. Click "Reflect" to preview your selection, and then click "Save."

Editing the Basic Information

  1. Edit the basic information.
    This information appears in the profile.
    In the account page settings, click "Basic information."




  2. Edit each field.
    After you complete the fields, select "Save."


    You can copy the information you entered here to other managed accounts. (※In preparation)


    Check an item whose content you want to display.
    Even if there is any content in the item, it will not be displayed unless checked.


    From the checked items, the following contents will appear in the profile.
    * The order in which the items are displayed cannot be changed.