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Updated: 04/22/2019

Creating Auto-/Keyword-Response Messages

  1. Select "Auto Message" on the account top.

  2. Select "New message." * Same for keyword-response messages.

  3. Select "Add" and select the format to use for the message.

    After editing, select "Next"

  4. Configure the response message and select Save.

    After saving, you can check from the list.





Click "User's display name" to insert (Nickname) where the user's name will appear in the message.



Select  "+ Add" to add a speech balloon. (Up to 5 speech balloons are allowed, but LINE recommends 3 speech balloons or fewer.)



Set a title to an automated message to manage it. This title is not visible to users.



Set an auto-response status. This can be changed from the list afterwards. If the status is set to inactive, the message is not delivered to users, regardless of the schedule being set.



An auto-response message can be scheduled for a range of dates or times of day. (The time zone can also be specified.) Users receive the auto-response message only during the specified period. However, if the auto-response message status is set to inactive, the message will not be delivered.



Enter a keyword and then press the Enter key to register it. 


* Use rich messages or rich video messages for photos and videos that you do not want to allow users to save or keep. * Rich video messages are stored in the servers for approximately 2 months. * Auto-response messages are delivered at random. If there are no set keywords, a response is randomly picked based on the scheduled period of dates and times. When set however, keywords take priority in the selection.

User's Display Name

Include "User's display name" to add it dynamically within the message. The name from when the user initiated the chat is inserted. In a group chat, the display name of the user who sent the message just before the response message is inserted.




Auto-/Keyword-Response Message List

A list of auto-response messages appears after a message is created.

The status can be toggled from here. A message can be edited by clicking its title.






Displays the titles of response messages for management. These titles are not visible to users.



Displays keywords.



Toggles the auto-response status. The current active status is shown in gray.