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Updated: 07/19/2019

Creating New Coupons

  1. Create a new coupon or lottery. Select "Create new" from  coupons page. Go to the coupon creation page.

  2. Enter a setting or information for each item.

  3. Once the coupon is saved, it can be shared using various methods. Select a method to jump to the relevant page.




Up to 60 characters are allowed. This is displayed in speech balloons in chat rooms.



This sets the coupon validity period. This is displayed in speech balloons in chat rooms.
The time zone applied in your PC settings is the default time zone.



Images up to 10 MB in size can be uploaded, but LINE recommends keeping the image under 1 MB in consideration of users' network environments. On the detail screen, images are automatically resized horizontally to fit the resolution of the user's device, so an image appropriate for normal smartphone resolutions should be created. Furthermore, the thumbnail used when delivering or posting is cropped into a square based on the short side.



Setting of usage method

Up to 500 characters are allowed.



 Set the lottery.



If the usage limit is set to only once, a button to mark the coupon as used appears at the bottom of the coupon.




Set coupon usage count




Set coupon code




Select a coupon type.



List of Coupons and Lotteries

Select  Coupons menu. If any coupons have already been created, the list is shown here.

  1. Select  Coupons menu.

  2. Go to list of Coupons and Lotteries

    If you select a created coupon, it will transition to the edit screen of the coupon.




Displays the coupon image.



Displays the coupon title. 



Displays the coupon validity period.



Displays the coupon status.



Select to perform other actions: Copy, Delete, Share.

Click "Share" to send the coupon to users. Various settings are available in the subsequent dialog.