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Updated: 04/22/2019

Segmented Broadcast

  1. Configure a segmented broadcast. Select "Filter by demographic" under Recipients on the message creation page.

    * To use "Filter by demographic" the target reach must exceed 100 people. Users are filtered based on demographic information from three days prior.

  2. A filter selection is added. Optionally, enter a filter name. The name is not visible to users.

    Select "Add filter," select from the pull-down list, tick the desired demographics, and then Select "OK."

  3. The page displays the number of targets after the setting is complete. After this, specify the broadcast time and message content as normal, and send or schedule the message.




An estimate of the target number is displayed.



Set the filter name



Gender*inferred date



Age Group*inferred date






Days since added ad friend*Counted from the first day that the use added your account as a friend



Residence*inferred date


* The estimated number of recipients shown when setting is an approximate number. You can view the actual broadcast segments and recipient number in Sent history.

* When no demographic is specified, the message is sent to all users in that category, including recipients who are categorized as "unknown."

* Messages filtered by demographics can be sent only when there are 50 or more estimated target users.