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Updated: 07/09/2019

Post Formats

  • Text

    Enter a text message. Click "Emoji" to use emojis and emoticons. Up to 10,000 characters. **


  • Sticker

    Add a sticker. You can use only LINE standard stickers. Use of sponsored stickers requires certain conditions. Please contact your agency or LINE representative.


  • Photo

    Upload up to nine photos. When you upload multiple photos, they are displayed in a grid format. (Markups are displayed.) Recommended formats: jpg, jpeg, and png File size: 10 MB


  • Video

    Only one video per post. Recommended formats: mp4, m4v, mov, avi, and wmv (Other formats are not officially supported.); File size: 200 MB; Maximum length: 5 minutes


  • Coupon

    Message and Location are inactive when Coupon is selected.


  • Link

    Insert it into OGP to display the text obtained from a URL.

** Half-width characters, full-width characters, and symbols are each counted as single characters.

*** Thumbnails for videos uploaded on Official Account Manager are screenshots taken from one second into the video.


Thumbnail Patterns


When multiple photos are posted to Timeline, they are displayed in several patterns. Users can tap a thumbnail to see the entire photo. * Patterns are subject to change without notice.

Timelien thumbnail