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2023.09.27 update

Message types


Message type icons (from left to right): Text, Sticker, Photo, Coupon, Rich message, Rich video message, Video, Voice message, Surveys, Card-based message, Reservation form.

See below for information about each icon.


  • Text

You can enter up to 500 characters per text message. (This includes half-width and full-width characters, symbols, etc.) You can also use the Emoji button to add emoji and emoticons.
- Please be aware that emoji will appear as text descriptions in notifications that users receive on their devices.
- If you include a URL in your text message, an image from the site may appear as a thumbnail. This thumbnail is a preview based on the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) metadata in the linked site's HTML head tag. Because this information is handled by the site manager, you cannot specify the preview image that appears in LINE Official Account Manager.

  • Sticker

You can send stickers from the standard LINE sticker sets.
Note: Other sticker sets cannot be used.

  • Photo

To send a photo saved on your PC, click Upload photo and select the photo you want to send.
- You can send photos of up to 10 MB in size.
- Photos are compressed when they are uploaded on LINE Official Account Manager. This may lower the resolution of a photo and change the way it appears, so we recommend checking how your photo will look before sending it out (e.g. with a test account).

  • Coupon

Clicking Select coupon lets you send a pre-valid or valid coupon that you created beforehand.

  • Rich message

Click Select rich message to choose a rich message that you created beforehand.

  • Rich video message

Click Select rich video message to choose a rich video message that you created beforehand.

  • Video

You can send videos of up to 200 MB in size. We recommend sending videos in mp4 format.
Note: The thumbnail that's created when you upload a video on LINE Official Account Manager is a screenshot taken one second into the video.

  • Voice message

You can send voice messages of up to 200 MB in size.

  • Surveys

You can send surveys that are Active or Ready.

  • Card-based message

Click Select card-based message to choose a card-based message that you created beforehand.

  • Reservation form

Use this option to send reservation form links.
Note: You can only use the reservation form feature after linking your LINE official account to the reservation system.

Important: Use rich messages/rich video messages to send photos and videos that you don't want users to be able to save or store in Keep.