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Updated: 04/23/2019

Basic Screen

The basic chat screen appears.
This screen consists of the "Chat list," "Chat room," "User profile," and "Settings."





Lists the chat rooms. The list shows up to 25 chat rooms with the most recent messages.
Chat rooms with unread messages are indicated with green dots.



Displays the chat room selected from the list. You can check and send messages.
* Chat logs (texts and stickers) are stored for two months, and contents messages (images and videos) are stored for two weeks,files are stored for week.



Displays the user profile of the chat room.



Allows access to the chat settings, where you can change the business hours and how messages are delivered.



Manages chats that the Official Account is engaged in.
Only the applicable chats are displayed in the chat list.



Displays all chat rooms other than spam.



Displays the chat rooms that are not marked as spam or "Resolved."



Displays the unread chat rooms.



Displays the chat rooms marked as "Follow-up."



Displays the chat rooms marked as "Resolved."



Displays the chat rooms flagged as spam.

User Profile

UserProfile -image01_en.png


UserProfile -image02.png

Displays the user name. Click the pencil icon to edit the name. This name is not visible to users.

In the case of a group chat, the icon of each member of the group chat is displayed beneath the user name.


UserProfile -image03.png

Displays the tags (maximum of 10) applied to the user. Click a tag to search for a chat room with the tag. Click the pencil icon to add or edit tags. * You can create up to 200 tags.

Chat Classifications

Chats can be managed by their status. In a chat room, set the status to "Resolved" or "Follow-up." In the user profile, mark messages as spam.





Marks the chat as "Resolved." Click the "Resolve" button to switch the status of the chat room to "Resolved." This assigns the chat room to the "Resolved" list.




Marks the chat as "Follow-up." Click the "Follow up" button to switch the status of the chat room to "Follow-up." This assigns the chat room to the "Follow-up" list.




Manages the chats. Click for more options: "Flag as spam," "Download chat history," "Leave chat," and "Delete chat." Click "Flag as spam" to flag the message as spam. This moves the it to the Spam folder.


Click to flag the message as spam. Spam messages appear in the Spam folder in the chat list.



Download the chat history with the user in CSV format. The chat log is stored for up to two months. * Images, videos, and other contents messages are excluded.



Leave the group or the 1:N chat room.



Delete the chat room (including the history, tags assigned to users, etc.).If necessary, download the chat history as a CSV file before deleting.

Starting Chats

  1. Start a chat. Chats can only be initiated after a user has sent a message.
    Ones with unread messages are indicated with green dots in the chat list.

    BeginChats -image01.png

  2. Enter a message to a user in the entry form at the bottom of the chat room. Press the Enter key to deliver the message to the user.

    BeginChats -image02.png

    Text, images, videos, stickers, and files are supported.


    The color of a speech balloon indicates who sent the message.

    BeginChats -image03_en.png BeginChats -image04_en.png BeginChats -image05_en.png

The following message appears if the user has left or blocked your Official Account.

BeginChats -image06.png


As shown below, "Unknown" user indicates that the LINE user account has been deactivated, blocked your Official Account, or has left the chat room.

 BeginChats -image07.png