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Updated: 04/19/2019

Creating New Messages

  1. Create a new message.
    Click "New broadcast."




  2. Go to the creation page. Edit each field.





    Select a target segment of broadcast recipients.
    * To use "Filter by demographic" the target reach must exceed 100 people.



    Select whether to schedule the broadcast for a specified time or send it immediately.

    To schedule a broadcast, clear "Send now" and enter the date and time in the entry fields.



    Optionally, publish the message to the Timeline simultaneously.
    * Not applicable for messages with multiple speech balloons.


  3. CreateNewMessage-image06_en.png



    Select a message format.
    When you click an icon, the entry form changes to show the corresponding format.
    Once data is entered, other formats cannot be selected.

    Message Formats


    Preview of created messages



    Click "+ Add" to add a speech balloon.


  4. After creating a message, click "Send" or "Save draft."



    Save the created message as a draft.



    Send a test message. This button is active only when a message is saved as a draft.



    Sends the created message.
    If the broadcast is scheduled, clicking this button saves the message to the Scheduled list.


    * If multiple messages are scheduled to be broadcast at the same time, the messages are numbered in the order they were saved, and they are broadcast in that same order.