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Updated: 04/19/2019

Creating New Rich Menus

  1. Create a new rich menu.
    Click "Create new" from the list of rich menus to access the creation page.




  2. Edit each field.





    Sets the title used for managing rich menus. (This is not visible to users.)




    Sets whether to display the rich menu on users' devices.
    A display period can also be specified.
    * Only one rich menu can be displayed to users. If the display period overlaps with that of another rich menu, the "Display" setting cannot be selected. Due to server performance, it may take some time before the rich menu is displayed to users. The delay varies depending on the network traffic and the number of friends of the Official Account.




    Sets the menu bar label.




    Sets whether to display the rich menu automatically when a user enters the chat room.


  3. Set the contents of the menu.
    Select a template, which allocates the number of actions available.
    Click "Save" when finished.





    Select a template.





    Upload images for the rich menu.



    Set an action type for each section of the template.
    Available options: Coupon, Text, Link, No action, and Reward card

    * Action labels are required Link or Coupon is selected.
    * Up to 20 characters are allowed for an action label. Enter a description or overview of the action. This is used for speech synthesis by the OS.
    * You cannot set all content areas to "No action."
    * Do not place any content that encourages users to repeatedly tap an area, as it may lead to server failure.
    * It may take some time for the rich menu to take effect.

List of Rich Menus

Click "Rich menus" in the menu to access this page. It displays a list of created rich menus.