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Updated: 04/19/2019

Creating New Rich Video Messages

  1. Create a new rich video message.
    Click "Create new" from the list of rich video messages to access the creation page.



    * Rich video messages are stored in the servers for approximately 2 months.


  2. Edit each field.



    Up to 100 characters are allowed. This text is shown in push notifications, chat list previews in the LINE app, on devices that do not support rich messages, etc.


  3. Select a video.
    * It may take some time to upload the video.
    * Videos can be up to 200 MB in landscape, square, or portrait orientation.




  4. CreateNewRichVideoMessage-image04_en.png



    If the action button should be disabled after watching, select "Hide." To enable it, select "Display."

    * Some options are hidden if "Hide" is selected.



    Enter the Link URL.



    Select the text to be displayed when the video is being played.


    Click "Save" when finished.