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Updated: 04/22/2019

Creating New Posts

  1. Create a new Timeline post.
    Click "New post" from the menu.




  2. Go to the Timeline post creation page. Edit each field.





    Select whether to schedule the post for a specified time or publish it immediately.

    To schedule the post, clear "Publish now" and enter the date and time in the entry fields.



    Enter text and content to be published.
    Click the relevant content icon and upload data.

    Enter a text-only Timeline post, only fill in the "Message" field.



    Set location information, if desired.


  3. After creating a post, click "Publish" or "Save draft."



    Deletes the created post. Discarded posts cannot be recovered.



    Saves the post as a draft.



    Publishes the created post.
    If the post is scheduled, clicking this button saves the post to the Scheduled list.



    If the post is scheduled to be published, the "Schedule" button is displayed instead of "Publish."
    By clicking "Schedule," content is saved to the list of scheduled posts.


    * If multiple posts are scheduled to be published at the same time, the posts are numbered in the order they were saved, and they are published in that same order.