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To create LINE Official Account, please see more details. (except for Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia)

About LINE Account Connect

LINE Account Connect provides business solutions by leveraging the benefits of
LINE Official Account to help close the distance between businesses and users.
Combined with stickers and other services, it can also effectively
boost brand recognition and user interaction for your business.

LINE Account Connect

About LINE Official Account

LINE Official Account

Solutions to build long-term
relationships with customers

This service allows businesses to create their own official accounts on LINE.
More than 450 official accounts representing companies across diverse industries have been established in Japan to date.
This service's biggest strength is its overwhelming reach -more than 79 million domestic monthly active users (MAU).
The average number of friends per account was 6.7 million as of November 30, 2018.

LINE Official Account Advantages

Information to Satisfy Individual Interests

Deliver information that users demand

Provide richer customer experiences through
one-to-one communication

By linking LINE's messaging API to your company's system, you can enhance your services through personalized messages and two-way communication with users.

Better Personalized Customer Service

Boost customer satisfaction by offering assistance and support via the familiar LINE platform

Streamline the customer support process by seamlessly performing AI and manned chat support, voice calls, and other methods of communication tailored to each customer's unique needs.

Offer more personalized customer service

Effective Advertising to Promote Communication

Promote communication through effective advertising

Engage in brand-focused communications
via Timeline and user chats

Encourage users to experience your brand's values and promote that info
by sharing their experiences with their friends and family.

LINE Official Account Subscription Plans

There are three subscription plans available, starting at JPY 0.

Free Light Standard
Monthly Fee Free JPY 5,000 JPY 15,000
Free Messages Up to 1,000 Up to 15,000 Up to 45,000
Additional Message Fee N/A JPY 5 Up to JPY 3
(Contact us for a detailed estimate)

LINE Official Account Account Types

There are several types of LINE accounts for businesses.
These can be distinguished by icon color.

Type Overview
Premium After review by LINE, the account receives an account badge and will appear in searches within the LINE app. Payment and other selected features are also expanded.
  • Note: LINE affiliation not required for review process.
Unverified These are for both individuals and corporations. The basic features are the same as verified accounts, and a Premium ID can be bought to switch to a paid plan.

To learn more about LINE Account Connect,
you can download media kits
from the link below (available in Japanese only).

  • FAQ

    Check here to find common questions regarding LINE corporate services.