Better Personalized Customer Service

Provide streamlined customer support via chat, voice calls, and other methods tailored to each customer.

LINE's Unique Selling Points

  • LINE Chat API

    LINE Chat API

    Enhance productivity with 24-hour AI-based support.
    You can also add images, stickers, and other media to your messages for friendlier and richer communication with customers.

  • LINE Call API

    LINE Call API

    Reduce costs by utilizing free IP calls that bypass traditional public landlines. You can also use interactive voice response (IVR) technology to send out LINE messages.

Smoother User Experiences with LINE

Using LINE for Customer Support

Communicating with customers via LINE requires a
LINE official account and the use of a third-party tool.
Via an intermediary agent, LINE provides an API for
exchanging messages with official accounts.

LINE Customer Connect Framework

Merits to Implementation

  • Higher Satisfaction


    Provide quick and free support
    that can be reached
    anytime and anywhere.

  • Swift Responses


    Use automated chats
    to boost efficiency
    over traditional phone support.

  • Shorter Wait Time

    Wait Time

    Maximize support center efficiency
    by shortening user wait times.

  • Better Cost Performance

    Better Cost

    Reduce staff burden and call costs
    by using the LINE app.

To learn more about LINE Account Connect,
you can download media kits
from the link below (available in Japanese only).