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Hamburger Studio Serves You The Top Must-Have Fashion Items And Gains More Sales With LINE@

Hamburger Studio

With that being said ‘building a business around your passion always works’, Wanida Praparat or Khun Yim successfully has her own clothing brand named Hamburger Studio. Six years ago, she started a small studio at the Platinum mall. Among other clothing stores, rather than the sales, she focused on brand awareness and how to communicate with the customers though fashion set. To adapt the sales approach to customer’s mix-and-match style, her ‘Street Elegance’ concept highly impresses the customers.

On top of the fashion trends with a tailor-made to customer needs

In these recent two years, the internet has brought a shift in the business world. Hamburger Studio is moving to an online market which making it easier to approach the target group than actual store. Rather than the sell mentality, Hamburger Studio is focused on brand awareness of a women dressing in elegance and affordable clothing style. After moving to online market, the sales outcome is surprisingly doubled up, comparing to last year.

The key to success on LINE@

Among other old fashioned ads, we are always able to close the deals on LINE@ with many advantages,

Broadcast fashion set
to the followers
it will help us delight customers
it is also counted as remarketing with lower

By remarketing, we send out the interesting content every day, it will engage and empower them to make decisions. If not buying it today, maybe they want it tomorrow. If it is a hit, we can expect more than 100 messages in inbox immediately and that leads to more sales outcome. In recent 6 months, we have 10-15 percent growth and 88 percent out of that number comes from LINE@

The way we response is also a key to success. LINE@ also has a useful feature to add an admin and allows multiple members of the staff can manage it together. The higher response rate we have, the more satisfaction level we gain. LINE@ helps us deliver excellent customer service, for example, a customer was looking for a dress but picture was not found so she sent us a drawing of a dress. The admin was talent enough to be able to find the dress with a special discount. We definitely know how to keep a customer and our staff happy.

To increase the followers is not as hard as you think.

Rather than focusing on the promotion to gain more sales, returning customers, or customer loyalty, is what grows our business. In the beginning, we attracted the customers via Black Friday promotion to get new followers on LINE@. After experiencing our great service, we are getting more followers and offering them an easier way to buy things online. At our store, we have QR code for them to add LINE@. Another important tip to get more online customers is creating the promotion exclusively on LINE@, as Boxing Day or 200K likes celebration.

Either you are working in the fashion industry or a real fashionista, Hamburger Studio serves you the top must-have fashion items and it all starts with turning on your LINE application and add @c hamburgerstudio (and don’t forget the @ sign!).