How To Survive If Anyone Keep Selling?

IT Dix

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Line Tech probably cannot wait to update the new items. Mr. Thanadon Pittayanuwat or Khun Job, The founder of IT Dix and Fin Gadget are the ones who follow the latest gadget trends.

He is not only know about trends but also know his customers. He decided to create 2 brands with different selling points which is IT Dix that will be high technology such as camera for car, 3D stereoscopic, vacuum robot or famous brand headphones. On the other hand, the Fin Gadget is easier to use, easy to buy and does not have complicate function such as, the cup holder on the car, car accessories, workout phone case, charging cable or extra battery.

both 2 brands are now open for 2 years and are constantly growing. Despite being a very competitive market, both IT Dix and Fin Gadget have a customer base and a strong brand. Until today, Khun Job confirmed that "We sell quality products at a cheaper price than competitors." But not just the price that will create success. Khun Job has shared 4 factors of success that business owners must "pay attention" to achieve what he achieved.

1. Pay attention to the content

Don't say Broadcast. People blocked it because we don't care about the content. If we want the sale we have to risk it. Yes. But not to send too much But have to see what kind of content that people like to follow.

Even if Khun Job is to combine customers 2 groups in one place But every time the broadcast is sent out, it will analyze the comparison of the purchase order and the block amount that is worth it. By testing both the type of product, artwork, and speech.

It was found that the products that were accessible to everyone were better than the high-tech products. Like placing a cup in a car, a waterproof speaker or cable USB, and plus a few blocks Therefore focus on this type of delivery as the main, and the block amount will be reduced for 20 percent.

The advantage is The customer from IT dix also know and order products from fin gadget too. Therefore, the number of people who visit both of websites and the orders increase at the same time.

2. Pay attention to responding to customers

When investing and investing to communicate to customers on @ and the administrator will know that he must respond within 30 minutes and not respond But every answer must lead to the closing of the sale By K. Job wrote all the common interaction patterns Until the chat goes back only 3 times, the customer has already transferred the money.

At night, we still online During 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. system use automate to answer and customers can order products or ask general questions as usual. For questions that are not set, don't worry about being forgotten. Because when opening the admin, it will be answered immediately.

3. Pay attention to consistency

The follower doesn't want to block company contact because they know what they are waiting for. When we know what our customers like, we will create the content table for broadcasting or posting Timeline page. The type of contents show the exclusive promotion 2 times a week and also update weekly new products Moreover, the company will review the products and teach how to use it.

In front Timeline Do not let open But used as a product catalog which will post both the IT Dix and the Fin Gadget alternately every other day by posting 2 posts per day. Other unknown customers will see the product as well. Called as a really interesting indirect sales increase.

LINE@ like a magic to increase the sales.
Since we have been using LINE@
the sales increased by 200%.
It is a really worthwhile investment.
- Khun Job, Thanadon Phittayanuwat
4. Pay attention to the campaign

Know your customer by analysis message that you sent. Pay attention to the frequency of the content that you sent. And finally came to the top as a campaign to increase sales by Khun Job have Campaign every Wednesday and Fridays WOW Wednesday Sales and Friday Special sale on every Friday.

So called for 2 days every follower will wait and the administrator can wait to answer chat. Because every time that broadcast there will be more than 200 orders instantly. Khun Job said "Line@ is a like a magic spell. I can cast a spell that Sales increased 200% that is really worthwhile investment."