Korat Waterland Increases Sales And Visitors Through LINE@

Korat Waterland

Today LINE@ will bring you through an exciting adventure at Korat water sport center, Waterland, which has opened for 1 year. Waterland is the one and only water park with wakeboarding activity in the Northeast region of Thailand and also kayaking. The fun and excitement go beyond water; other breathtaking activities like ATV riding, mountain biking, and archery are available in Waterland.

Effective communication via marketing on LINE@

Business and marketing come together like bread and butter. There is no definite way that leads to success. Previously, Korat Waterland let its customers retrieve discount through social media sharing. However, there is no appropriate method to identify if the discount coupon has been reused.

This new marketing strategy via LINE@ offers E-coupon feature that posts promotions twice a month. It can also establish a database to distinguish whether the E-coupon has been used.

Another astonishing feature that LINE@ offers point accumulation system that promotes consumer’s spending and attract old customers to be regular customers. The points at Korat Waterpark can either be used before reaching 50 points, which is the maximum, or accumulated to 50 points then use.

Results of using LINE@

In about a month, the number of followers is now nearly 8,000 people. The easy trick is to start with “Ded-pro” promotion that attracts people in Korat and “Bra-jao” promotion that gives 50% discount for Wakeboarding. These methods raised the number of followers through E-coupon feature:

3,521 people retrieved the E-coupons
while 2,341 people used them
within one month, generating more than
500,000-baht income

Moreover, another method to increase the number of followers is by setting up advertisement board for discount in front the water park, attracting people to add LINE@

No matter you live in the Northeastern region or you plan to travel to Korat, do not forget to visit Korat Waterland but first thing first, get to know each other first by adding @koratwaterland. Don’t forget to always put @ before adding LINE@.

Besides LINE@, we would like to thank Digital Jam project from Ministry of Tourism and Sports that introduced Waterland to LINE@.