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4 Ideas From The Maguro Sushi Executives That Businessman Needs To Know

Maguro Sushi

Japanese restaurant industry is highly competitive. Entering into this business is not easy. Even though Maguro Sushi has been open for 2 years, and they ran the business very well and popular among customers. There are a lot of customers in both weekdays and weekends. In each month, there are more than 500,000 lovers of sashimi came along.

Success is not an accident. It is about caring from the house to the market. Mr. Aorakan Chinsamran (Ae), managing director (Corporate Strategy & Finance) And Mr. Porkakrit Sithisomboon, managing director (Marketing & Communication) are honored to share 4 ideas that lead to success.

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Where ever you go, you would see Japanese restaurants. Doing the business is tough not only expand your business but also have to build the stable business. Maguro Sushi did it! Most of Japanese restaurant present the fresh premium ingredients and authentic Japanese food as a strength. So, What is the real strength?

For Marguro Sushi, based on only one motto which is everything should be plus one. For example, if the customers concern about raw material the company would claim that there are no limit for initial cost for those material moreover, the quality must be the best. The products presentation must be outstanding not just only pictures but it should be include the content or the story of itself such as, each sushi should present Japanese culture or samurai culture in order to offer the feeling of the best quality and authentic Japanese culture in every bite of sushi.

Build the strong foundation

It is like build a building. If you want to go high, the foundation must be strong! For business owners, It is about creating a customer base. Maguro Sushi is used to attract customers into the offline world (store) with online media and then keep those customers on the online world for inviting the customer to keep coming back.

“More than 60% of customers come from online world” -Khun Ae

During the first year, the promotion will be used to create awareness for customers by distributing the E-Coupon via LINE@. The company has reported better than expected in terms of followers and rights users. For the Foie Gras promotion, 190 bath for one piece, it helped increase the follower by about 2,000 people per week because it is a favorite menu for Thai people.

Apart from these, lottery features are also used. The Items must show high value or limited edition in order to share and advertising via word of mouth. The items must show only in the shop and extremely rare such as, Star Wars, etc. Do you believe that there was 60% of Maguro Sushi's LINE@ followers became our customer by the power of sharing?

Build relationships, not sales.

The customer like shopping but they don’t like hard sell. Do not sell it often and the seller should choose the appropriate frequency of time. The company must have consistency in sales in order to avoid lost contact with the customer so, the customer might do not know what to follow. If the company contact with the customer every day, the content should make it interesting and fun otherwise, the customer might bored.

For example Maguro Sushi will broadcast once a week. The company will focus on introducing food and interesting content for their follower such as the right way to dip wasabi, salmon’s secret story, or 10 shops you shouldn’t miss out in Hokkaido.

LINE@ creates engagement
Others media cannot do it
-Khun Ae, Maguro Sushi executive

Apart from broadcast, Maguro Sushi also use Keyword Reply. If the customer type the specific word such as “Map” or “Promotion” The program will reply immediately by giving the store map or the promotion at that time. To create a close relationship between the brand and the customer, the company allow their customers to speak with them in real time through live chat.

Create feelings exclusive

NoAdd LINE@ for all discounts promotion and special menu which can help the company gain more followers. There are about 37,000 followers until now because of Social media advertising Moreover, there will be an advertise in the store to invite customers to add LINE@ and receive exclusive promotion too.

Apart from the exclusive platform, There are some exclusive menu in the special occasion for example, during 2 years celebration there will be special promotions very often and the additional special menu like Firefly squid which is available two months each years. There are a lot of people come to get their promotion, Only 2 days we run out of it.

We hope that these 4 ideas from Maguro Sushi will inspire you to do business. It is not supposed to be a Japanese restaurant or any restaurant business. You can adapt these with any store or online sales.

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