Chaba Nail And Spa Knows You Better With LINE@.

Chaba Nail and Spa

Stepping the eighth year of Chaba Nail and Spa, our business with currently 4 branches and upcoming 3 new branches offers you more than just the best manicure. We know that beautiful manicures don’t happen without high quality equipment and products, which is why we only provide the best products, some are exclusively imported. At Chaba Nail and Spa, we also offer a ‘Chair Spa’ which relaxes your hands and feet with water to renew your nails, skin, and mood in one location.

From offline to online,

The eight-year business have experienced some major milestones from the offline to the digital era. Back in time, we did the ads in brochure and magazine. Those paid printing advertising required a budget and time and the data was not practical. Social Medias have constantly adapted and changed to suit new mediums and an increasingly savvy audience.

LINE@ could help us more than finding the customers.

Unlike any other, for Chaba Nail and Spa, LINE@ is not just a retail store LINE@ effectively helps us to manage the service. In the pre-internet days, managing the whole process could be time-consuming. However, using LINE@, customers could make preliminary decisions about the pattern, color, and basic design and also we can match the staff to the customer’s need. After using LINE@, the service is growing more than 20 percent.

LINE@ knows what they need.

Before using LINE@, we don’t know how our customer’s feel, what makes them tick, or where they are frustrated. LINE@ makes it easier to gather customer feedback. LINE@ shows us the way consumers perceive them. We can see the product-related content online in order to predict the trend to create the ads and promotion. For example, after releasing the promotion for the marble pattern.

Broadcast the promotion for the marble pattern
We are fully booked in the evening for 2 weeks
The income is incredibly growing up to 1.6
million in a month.

Surprisingly Followers are doubled

Tips to increase Followers

Actually Chaba Nail and Spa are not likely to set a promotion. However, LINE@ proves that things are easier and effective. Starting with hand and foot spa packages, following by the marble nail pattern, those two promotions obviously increase more than two thousand followers in only 3 months. We are using LINE@ to acquire a new customer to easily book the schedule and keep existing ones happy by discounts and promotions. And it all starts with turning on your LINE application and add @chabanailspa (and don’t forget the @ sign!).