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"Little Budget, Big Sting" 4 Tips From A Young Girl Who Owns An Online Shoe Store Worth Millions Baht.

Tiptoe Shop

For those who want to be a business owner but having no starting budget, please read this article carefully because this is an online shoe store business that starts with the investments of 0 baht, established by first year student who wants to find something to do during school holidays. Currently, this business can sell 600 - 1,000 pairs per month.

This online shoe shop is called TIPTOESHOP. The business owner is "Nong Fern", Lalita Piriyamanan, who is currently a 4th year student of the Faculty of Painting, Silpakorn University.

The reason for creating this business is nothing more than "finding something to do." Almost past 3 years., TIPTOESHOP has become a business that helps a teenager able to rely on herself and have some capital to continue the business in the future.

The small success of TIPTOESHOP can be happened with the marketing cost of 0 baht. There are 4 tips of key success from Nong Fern here.

1. Accumulate the profits from businesses that do not require cost.

In the beginning, TIPTOESHOP is just a pre-order shoes business that provides the service in the LINE Shop. That was when we started the sales channels. At that time, the product cost is totally 0 baht and the cost for marketing is 0 baht as well because we promoted the shop with the LINE Shop function that is free of charge.

Although today there are many more online stores that we can use it for free, we really need to invest in "Time" because we have to learn how to run the marketing campaign in that channel so that the business can continuously accumulate the profits.

In case of TIPTOESHOP. It takes 1 year to sell pre-orders on channels that are free of charge. When the business can earn enough profit, it is time to switch into the channel of ready-to-sell.

For anyone who is looking for a way to do business without the starting budget, you may have to study how to sell pre-order products from abroad to especially from China which currently has many products, many designs not only the fashion product.

2. Increase sales channels and the number of followers on social media

The advantage of doing online business is there are many sales channels to choose without huge amount of investment. The chance that people can see our products will be more and more. In the case of TIPTOESHOP, although the business began with LINE Shop, but after that it expanded to use more social media channels as a sales channel. However, you must not forget that the marketing campaign for each channel will be different.

Apart from social media,
Tool that Nong Fern recommends to every
business is LINE@ because it can help
communicate directly with customers.

Every time you launch a promotion through Broadcast Function, there are more opportunities to close the sale. So, what you can't forget is you have to find a way to increase the number of your followers on LINE@.

Tips for increasing the number of TIPTOESHOP's Follower is making LINE@ for launching special promotion to allow customers to see the benefits that they will receive, and also reduce the chance of being blocked by the customers. You also have to post beautiful product pictures on the timeline regularly so that the overview of TIPTOESHOP always stays active on LINE@.

The more you increase the online sales channels, the better and the lower cost you will spend when compared to the cost of opening store and branch expansion. But the important thing is The look of the business in each channel must be unified. And there are specific marketing methods for each channel.

3. Let internet idol help promote the products without spending any money.

Nong Fern said that she always updates herself at all time that "who" is getting the online attention. She will focus on teenage women because they represent the people who can literally use the products of TIPTOESHOP.

According to Nong Fern personal experiences, she said that using Internet Idol to help promote products may not always have to hire by money. She will start by talking to them and send the shoes for free in exchange of taking review pictures and tagging the store name.

Nong Fern's personal tips is while talking with the internet idol, try to as little business talk as possible because it will make the negotiation run easier and more sustainable

Using Internet Idol to help promoting will be very effective especially in fashion products. Very often that the posts were tagged back to the account, TIPTOESHOP will pass through the eyes of many people and have more followers, without spending even one baht.

However, in this case, it will work only when those internet idols have passion for the product, in the other words, they are the real target group of the business.

4. Promote with the reviews from real users

According to the experience of selling shoes online almost 3 years, Nong Fern found that what customers really want most is the truth about the product. The word of "truth" means real product image being used by the other customers, not a photo taken by the store to promote the product.

The reason is because it makes purchasing decisions become easier. When you see the actual usage, you can imagine whether it fits your style or not, especially in fashion products which requires mixing and matching for to create the beautiful look.

What helps stimulate product reviews from real customers is the discounts for the next purchase that exchange with product reviews. In the case of TIPTOESHOP, the store will give you a 5% discount with the rewards cards or loyalty card feature in LINE@ to encourage the repeat purchases.

Normally Nong Fern will use LINE@ to chat with customers in order to ask the inquiry, satisfaction, and ask them to take pictures for product reviews to get a 5% discount for the next purchase in exchange. Although, it is not a lot of money, the condition is also too easy to deny.

In addition, communicating through LINE@ to request feedback from customers also shows the attention of the service mind. It can create a good feeling with customers and help increase the likelihood of repeat purchasing.

Discount only 5% exchanging for the opportunity to meet new customers, at the same time, the shop can have the reviews from real users to promote in the future. This is very worthwhile approach for a small business who need a big sting.

According to all 4 tips above, we can conclude that the main thing to do is to look for your real business customer and reach that group in the fastest way and do not forget to make them stay with our business for a long time.

Using a target group customer to create an influence for product promoting in order to create more opportunities to announce the brand, and using LINE@ to manage customer relationships, are the tools that can help you fulfill your marketing plan with lower cost than you expected.