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About LINE Account Connect

Create a LINE account for your brand or business
to start connecting with LINE users across Thailand.
LINE official accounts are suited for both companies and stores of every size,
from SMEs all the way to big brands.

LINE Account Connect

About LINE Official Account


LINE official accounts are similar to general LINE accounts used to communicate with friends and family. You can use it to send general information, sales and marketing activities, and special promotions to your customers. Brands can manage diverse messages or images themselves through LINE's content management system. LINE Official Account is also equipped with various features that will help customers know the specialty of your company, brand, and products.

LINE Official Account Advantages

Create Contents in Your Way

Create content the way you want to

Reach your followers easily on LINE via messages, images, video, or live streams via LINE LIVE. They'll get notified just like when they get a message from a friend or family member.

Reach 100% of the audience interested in your brand

No need to worry that the content isn't going to customers, because with broadcasting, just one click and you can access 100% of your target reach.

Can Reach Users Who Are Interested in Your Brand 100%
Increase Revenue

Watch sales grow right before your eyes

If your brand sells via LINE or has an e-commerce website, you can stimulate sales by broadcasting, with customers able to reply via chat or click links to websites to order and purchase items.

LINE Official Account Monthly Plan

Free Basic Pro
Price -
1,200 THB
(USD 36.03)
1,500 THB
(USD 45.05)
Number of message 1,000 15,000 Messages 35,000 Messages
Additional price per message -
0.08 THB
0.04 THB
Tag, Note, Quick Replies
Rich Content
Rewards Card
Account Page
*Monthly plan cannot purchase on iOS, please purchase via LINE Official Account Manager at

Upgrade to Premium ID

Verified and Standard Official Account
will come with Basic ID by default which mixed amonng alphabets and numbers.
Users may upgrade to Premium ID to rename it as you wish.
This will cost 444 THB or $12 per year when purchasing via Android or website,
while will cost 459 THB per year when purchasing via iOS

premium ID

*iOS users

1) Can apply maximum 1 Premium ID per 1 Apple ID

2) Once apply, chosen Premium ID will not be able to change within 1 year
If you have more than 1 LINE Official Account or wish to change your Premium ID within 1 year, you are recommended to purchase via LINE Official Account Manager at

3) After 1 year, your Premium ID will be automatically renew. If you wish to change your Premium ID, you must cancel auto-renewal at least 1 day before.

LINE Official Account Account Types

There are three types of LINE accounts for businesses.These can be distinguished by icon color.

Type Overview
Premium After review by LINE, the account receives an account badge and will appear in searches within the LINE app. Other selected features are also expanded.
Unverified These are for both individuals and corporations. The basic features are the same as verified accounts, and a Premium ID can be bought to switch to a paid plan.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with
LINE Account Connect

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Provide more personalized service
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LINE Notification Service

Connect with your brand's CMS
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