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LINE Ads Platform 01

LINE Ads Platform 02

Gain more followers for your LINE business account
and increase sales by reaching out to
over 44 million LINE users.

4 Reasons to Advertise on LINE Ads Platform

Over 1 Billion Total Views per Month

Advertise your business on both LINE Timeline


Create Targeted Ads

With LINE Ads Platform, you can set what ad targets are right for your business
via the following demographic settings:
Region, Gender, Age, OS, Interest, and Audience.

Create Targeted Ads

Save Audience Data with LINE Tags

LINE Tags help you manage and save useful data on
audience access to your ads.

The 3 Types of LINE Tags

  • Base Code: Enter this type of code in the <Header> part of the webpage.
    These codes allow LINE tags to save user data related to your business.
  • Conversions: Enter the conversion-type tag code in webpages to measure conversion rates.
  • Custom Event: Enter the customer event tag code to save webpage data
    freely via events that you can set yourself.
Save Audience Data with LINE Tags

Lookalike Audience

Create customer groups with the same characteristics as your existing customers to expand your customer base and boost sales.

Lookalike Audience

Ad Space
on LINE Ads Platform

Your ads can appear in various locations on LINE Timeline and LINE TODAY, with
the system automatically choosing the most effective ad space for you.

  • LINE Timeline
    LINE Timeline
  • Article Page
    (Example 1)
    Article Page (Example 1)
  • Article Page
    (Example 2)
    Article Page (Example 2)
  • Article Page
    (Example 3)
    Article Page (Example 3)
  • Top Page
    (Example 1)
    Top Page (Example 1)
  • Top Page
    (Example 2)
    Top Page (Example 2)

I'd like to start an account. What do I do?

  • Create an Account

    Enter the required
    info on your first login
    to create an account.

    Note: Through sales
    agency reps only.

  • Add Media

    Enter the ad media
    that you need for
    your promotion.

  • Wait for the Review

    LINE will review
    your ad media
    following the set

  • Your Ad Is Now Ready

    Your media will
    be displayed
    in the most
    effective ad space
    for your business.

Got a Question?

To learn more about LINE Ads Platform, you can download media kits from the link below.

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