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Updated: 04/23/2019

Overview of Functions

LINE Official Account Manager provides the following main functions:




Broadcast messages to users who have added your LINE Official Account as a friend.

LINE Chat (formerly 1:1 Chat)



Chat one-on-one with friends.

This enables direct communication with the Official Account's friends through LINE, so you can easily respond to various inquiries.

Account page



Provide a self-introduction page that shows the basic information of the Official Account.
You can select plug-ins to compose the page, which is published not only on the app, but also as a web page.

Auto-response Functions



Create messages to be delivered automatically when users send messages to your account.
You can also create keyword-response messages that are sent based on matches with specified keywords.

Rich messages



Combine images and text into a single compact and easy-to-understand message that appeals to users.
You can set a link to each area of the message.

Rich video messages



Send users auto-playing video messages.

Videos can be made for various aspect ratios, such as portrait, landscape, and square.

A portrait video fills up the chat screen entirely with rich video contents.

This function can also guide interested users to more information provided in external sites.

Rich menus



Display a large menu in the lower portion of the Official Account chat screen when users visit the chat.

By tapping within the menu, users can be directed to external sites or be sent pre-set messages.

Segmented broadcasts


Segment friends of the Official Account based on their demographic information, and broadcast messages to users with the desired attributes.

You can maximize returns by understanding the user base of your Official Account, so you can manage the account and broadcast messages appropriately by age, gender, and region.




In addition to push-type broadcasting, publish information to your Timeline for many, unspecified users.


You can broadcast a message and publish a post to your Timeline simultaneously.

Coupons (and Lottery)



Create coupons and lotteries that can be used on LINE.

The coupons and lotteries can be sent or posted by broadcast, Timeline, keyword-response message, greeting message, and so on.

LINE Reward cards



Create and issue point cards on LINE.

Compared to traditional paper-based point cards, LINE cards are unlikely to be lost and can increase the likelihood of repeat customers.



Confirm the daily numbers of added friends and blocks, responses to Timeline, and other analytical figures.

Also, you can download measured data for a specified period.

Group Function



Accounts can be set to groups.

The same menu settings can be made collectively for accounts belonging to the same group.

※Only Web interface




View the notifications related to Broadcast.